Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Slowly does it

When the world's fastest violinist - the long-haired, chiselled cheekboned ex-model David Garrett - was asked by a Top Billing interviewer how he developed his musical speed, he answered simply, 'Slowly. I played scales very, very slowly. Up and down, over and over, for hours and hours, slowing them down as much as I could. My poor neighbours...' Paradoxically, starting slowly and cementing every nuance of his bowing and finger action allowed him the freedom to speed up, and up and up, to the point where he could play Flight of The Bumble Bee in a record-breaking 1 minute 6.56 seconds (see David Garrett plays on YouTube)

Slowing down makes almost everything more enjoyable. For the writer, artist or other creative, slowness is essential, for it's in the gaps that great ideas grow. In the list-making spirit of The Peacock Book Project, here are 5 things that, according to me, are best done in an unhurried manner. Feel free to add your own.

1. A good book. I tend to rush to the end, greedily devouring it, and regret my haste on the last page.
2. Driving. As my father advises, take the scenic route whenever possible in life. Just because a route is shorter doesn't mean it's better.
3. Eating Lindor balls. The worst mistake is to eat something delicious in front of your computer. You look down while FaceBooking and it's gone. Did you really eat it? Surely not! That last dark chocolate Lindor ball must have been abducted by aliens...
4. Breastfeeding (which I'm doing a lot of these days. A baby cannot be rushed. It's best to take your time, open a book, and give in to the leisurely pace.)
5. Attempting to get a novel published.

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